Get Started with Commissioner Tools

The Tukabatchee Area Council is now LIVE on My.Scouting Commissioner Tools! Beginning Friday, May 1, 2015 all Commissioner will need to start logging their Unit Contacts (formerly Unit Visits) through Commissioner Tools on

BSA’s new Commissioner Tools make it easier for all Commissioners to help the units that they serve. Need help with Commissioner Tools? Check out the training modules on YouTube to help you get started!

Accessing Commissioner Tools
Demonstrates how to access the tool and provides a brief overview.

Entering a Unit Contact (formerly Unit Visit)
The basic contact information and the entry point for creating either a simple or a detailed assessment.

Unit Assessment Scoring Matrix
Defines the scoring parameters used to complete an assessment.

Explaining the Units Tab
An overview of how to use the Units Tab to view information about a unit, enter a new unit contact, and create simple/detailed assessments.

Entering a Simple Assessment
The shortest and simplest entry to report a unit contact.

Entering a Detailed Assessment
How, why, and when to complete a detailed assessment and its variations, including a collaborative assessment.

Commissioner Tools Webinar (56 mins)
This is a live recorded webinar presentation on how to use Commissioner Tools available on This is similar to the webinar that was viewed at the Tukabatchee All Hands Council Commissioner meeting that was held on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

View More Commissioner Training Videos –>

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